The suspended strike | Memorandum of Understanding at Loto-Québec

(Montreal) An agreement in principle was reached in Loto-Québec, ending the indefinite industrial strike that began a few days ago.

Posted at 3:50 p.m

Lia Levesque
The Canadian Press

The Quebec government’s syndicate of professionals, which represents these 455 professionals, announced on Tuesday.

The strike began at 00:01 on Friday night. The SPGQ announced that the return to work would take place on Wednesday.

The independent union flatly refused to disclose the details of the agreement, preferring to keep track of its members, as is usually the case in such cases.

A general meeting of the union will be held in the coming days to find out about the content of the agreement and to decide.

It should be noted that there had already been an agreement in principle between the parties on August 25, but the members rejected it with 72% of the votes.

The professionals involved work in information technology, communications, procurement, sales and marketing, finance, real estate and legal.

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