The Royal Canadian Mint honors Oscar Peterson in a vibrant campaign

That Royal Canadian Mint celebrates its new $1 commemorative circulation coin Oscar Peterson with all the energy of a lively campaign by McCann Montreal. The agency helps Crown Corporation use commemorative coins to create a meaningful connection with a new generation of Canadians and bring Canada’s enduring history to life in a modern and contemporary way.

To celebrate the new play Oscar Peterson, McCann created a 30-second TV spot paying tribute to the late Canadian pianist. The lively and colorful spirit of jazz is transferred to the real world. So the video starts with a pianist playing in front of the Union United church. A mauve animation is superimposed over the street piano, taking viewers through an illustrated journey made up of different chapters in the life of peterson between performances in front of an enthusiastic audience and student mentoring. The voiceover of the message is that of Daniel Clarke Bouchardprotected ofOlivier Jones as well as mentee and friend of peterson.

The message’s design focuses on mauve, the Montreal-born musician’s favorite color. The mintage of the new circulation coin is limited to three million, two million of which also have violet accents.

“We knew that the legacy ofOscar was lively and electrifying. From a design point of view, it was important for us to present this energy in a modern way. Without forgetting that the personal history ofOscar very rich and that our tribute focuses on many important moments of his life, visual winks of which are hidden in the message,” explains David Roberts, creative director at McCann Montreal.

Oscar Peterson passed away in 2007, leaving a landmark musical legacy of 12 Grammy nominations, including seven winners, and an induction into Canada’s Music Hall of Fame.

since 2020, McCann Montreal acts as the coordinating creative agency for the Mint’s activities. It stands behind other commemorative coin launch campaigns, such as the 100the th anniversary of the fishing schooner Bluenose in 2021, where she reinterpreted her centuries-old maiden voyage live on Twitter.

media experts oversaw all planning and media buying for the campaign. The TV spot will air nationally through September 25.

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McCann Credits:
creative director: David Roberts
Deputy Creative Director/Artistic Director: Alexandra Julie Poirier
Deputy Creative Director/Editor: Mark Dolynskyj
Editor: Victoria Ambroziak
Artistic Director: Dragan Milicevik
To name: Pablo Rodriguez
VP Strategy : Badr El Fekkak
Strategist: Jeremy Singer
Group Account Manager: Isabelle Harvey
Account Manager : Ibtissam Knaidil
Vice President, Executive Producer: Jacqueline Bellmore
Manufacturer: Liliane Clune

Production credits:
Director: Julia Dekin
Creative Directors: Ron Gervais, Dave Greene
Production site : IAMSTATIC
Executive producer: Cathy Jefferies
Manufacturer: Nadine Kalinauskas
2D animation/illustration: Jennie Davis, Julia Deakin, Matthew Kalinauskas, and Josh Vermeulen
3D lighting/animation: Jimmy Gil, Dave Greene
3D Modeling/Texturing: Chris Crozier, Dave Greene, Abdul Mohamud
Composer: Julia Dekin
Storyboard Artist: Matthew Kalinauskas
Music : Grayson music

Grayson Credits:
Executive producer : Kelly McCluskey
Technician : Niky Thay and Brian Bernard
Language Director: Tyson Kuteyi
Voice : Daniel Clarke Bouchard
Media agency: media experts
Pictures: CBC and Getty Images
Customer manager: Virginia Gaffney and Sara Chesiuk

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