The results of the first round in cards, party after party: Together!, Nupes, RN, LR…

At the end of the first round of the general election, marked by a record abstention (52.49%), the candidates from Nupes (5,939,897 votes or 26.11% of the votes cast) hold an epsilonesque lead over those in the presidential majority (Together! , 5,886,504, 25.88%).

National Rally candidates rank third (4,248,626, 18.68%), well ahead of Republicans and the Union of the Independent Right (2,570,290, 11.3%). This election is an electoral setback for Eric Zemmour’s party, Reconquete!, which, despite 4.25% of the votes cast, failed to qualify a single candidate out of the 551 it proposed.

Behind the national result, 577 constituency elections will be played to fill the seats in the Palais-Bourbon.

In the big cities, the nupes’ candidates achieve their best results: four were elected in the first round; three in Paris (Sophia Chikirou, Sarah Legrain and Danièle Obono) on the 6the16e and 17e constituencies and one in the 7the by Seine-Saint-Denis (Alexis Corbière).

Eight other Nupe candidates also obtained more than 50% of the votes cast (four in Seine-Saint-Denis, one in Val-de-Marne, one in Hauts-de-Seine, one in the North and one in the Bouches). -du-Rhône) without being elected (they did not get the required 25% of registered voters).

Of the 557 candidates for this left-wing union, 194 won their constituency in the first ballot and 390 won the second ballot.

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The Institute Ipsos-Sopra Steria estimates the number of seats to be won by Nupes at between 150 and 190.

The candidates for the presidential majority were able to qualify in 421 constituencies. They come out on top in 203 of them. Only one candidate was elected in the first round: Yannick Favennec, in the 3e Mayenne constituency (57.13% of the votes cast).

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However, it is a mixed performance for the coalition of the presidential majority, which only managed to win a narrow parliamentary majority. According to projections by the Ipsos-Sopra Steria institute, she could have elected between 255 and 295 deputies at the end of the second ballot, with an absolute majority of 289 deputies.

On the side of the Reich Party Congress, 110 candidates prevailed in the first round, and 208 of 567 candidates from the far-right party were able to assert themselves in the second round. That’s a real breakthrough compared to 2017, when around half as many candidates from Marine Le Pen’s party managed to stay in the second round. They then received eight seats. Projections point to the possibility of gaining 20 to 45 seats for the next term, which would allow for the formation of a parliamentary group.

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It was mainly urban and rural constituencies that brought the Rassemblement National to the top. The entire Mediterranean basin, from the Garonne valley to Charente-Maritime and much of the north-east of the country will witness a second round in the presence of candidates from this far-right party.

Republican candidates and their UDI allies, present in 507 constituencies, were eliminated from 432 of them. From this formation, 75 candidates are finally able to hold out in the second round, of which 42 took first place.

In 2017, 199 candidates qualified for the second round, and eventually, 129 LR-UDI seats were obtained in the National Assembly. Estimates for the second round show 50 to 80 possible seats in the Palais-Bourbon for the entire right, LR-UDI and various rights.

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