The Lac-Magog District Council is moving to Windsor

Sherbrooke councilor Nancy Robichaud says she will be moving to Windsor mid-term for personal reasons. She says she is fulfilling all the necessary obligations to remain in office on the local council.

In December, Nancy Robichaud will leave Sherbrooke to live in Windsor. She says she received confirmation from Quebec’s director general of elections after several email exchanges.

I rented a room here in my district. I also have buildings in my district, so overall I meet all the requirements to be able to continue my mandateShe explains.

The Lac-Magog District Council remains on the voters’ list. However, she must remain in Sherbrooke continuously or not in order to retain her functions.

My district was already very large, unlike other districts that all stick together. For me it makes no difference.

There is no illegality, everything is clear. However, in a large city like the City of Sherbrooke, there is a duty of accountability to the public we serve.explains the professor at the National School of Administration and former Minister of Municipal Affairs, Rémy Trudel.

Nancy Robichaud said she went to a meeting with the citizens of Lac-Magog County. She wants to reassure them that despite their impending move, she will continue to support them to the best of her ability. She assures that this step will have no impact on her work with her constituents.

I already knew I was moving and did the household math as if I were here, with as much interest as if I were paying the next taxes.

The deputy mayor of Sherbrooke, Raïs Kibonge, welcomes the news with great openness. I’m glad we’re keeping one person on council because we’re trying to maintain a functioning council and it’s good that she’s trying to stayhe emphasizes.

Nancy Robichaud does not intend to run again for a second term in the next elections.

With information from Jeanne Trépanier

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