the indirect response of the Tunisian Embassy in Canada

Probable postponement of the Francophonie summit: the indirect response of the Tunisian embassy in Canada

Canada’s participation in the Francophonie Summit was the focus of an exchange between the Tunisian Ambassador to Canada and the Director of Francophonie and Commonwealth Affairs at Canada’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Continued constructive exchanges with Ms. Chrystiane Roy, Director of La Francophonie and the Commonwealth at the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs. It examines the success of the Francophonie Summit, to be held in Djerba in November 2022, and Canada’s participation in the various celebratory and parallel events planned for the Summit “, we read in a brief statement on the website of the Embassy of Tunisia in Canada, Thursday, August 4, 2022.

These exchanges between the head of the Tunisian diplomatic mission in Canada and the director of Francophonie and the Commonwealth at Canada’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs come a day after the publication of an article by the Canadian newspaper La Presse of Canada summit of the Francophonie.

The Tunisian embassy in Canada indicated that preparations for the summit were still ongoing, without denying the newspaper.

According to the Canadian daily, the Francophonie summit is in danger of being postponed again. The Canadian Prime Minister The possibility was reportedly raised privately with French President Emmanuel Macron at the last G7 summit in Germany in June. (…) Mr Trudeau believes that the situation in Tunisia remains worrying and that this justifies postponing the summit. This issue could be raised again during President Macron’s official visit to Canada, scheduled for early September. ‘ according to the newspaper.


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