The federal election card could change its face in Estrie

The proposed voting map change affects the Sherbrooke, Compton – Stanstead, Richmond – Arthabaska, Shefford and Saint-Hyacinthe – Bagot constituencies.

More specifically, the Ascot sector at Sherbrooke would lead from riding Sherbrooke to Compton-Stanstead. Currently at Shefford, Racine would prefer to be admitted to Richmond-Arthabaska. For its part, riding Saint-Hyacinthe-Bagot would extend its territory to include Valcourt, Maricourt and the canton of Valcourt, currently located in Shefford.

Proposed changes to the federal election map


Current constituency

Proposed constituency

Sherbrooke (Ascot area)








Saint Hyacinthe Bagot



Saint Hyacinthe Bagot

Municipality of Valcourt


Saint Hyacinthe Bagot

Common Political Actors

In the interview at Welcome back, On Tuesday, the mayor of Racine, Mario Côté, expressed his dissatisfaction with this redistribution proposal. In his eyes, all communities in this region have a natural affinity for riding Shefford.

We discussed this with the city council. […] We disagree. Around Racine we are seven churches that work together a lot. We have joint projects, we have a fire brigade that is the same. […] We would be the only church out of these seven that would have another member.

When you have applications to make or projects to follow up on and these communities are affected, it’s a bit of a hassle to talk to two MPs. »

A quote from Mario Côté, Mayor of Racine

According to the mayor, this change is not essential to electoral fairness in Canada. With 1,400 people, that shouldn’t be such a big imbalance in the number of people represented per MEP. We don’t see it in a good light at the moment, we’ve been at Shefford for several years

The mayor of Valcourt, Pierre Tétraut, does not like the proposal either.

We are like added [à la circonscription], so they will be less interested in us. In any case, one could perceive thathe fears.

The MNA for Compton-Stanstead, Marie-Claude Bibeau, is positive about the potential addition of the Ascot sector to her riding.

I would even say that historically it was already part of the county. I often have the opportunity to take part in events with them anyway. To me he’s a natural, he’s a neighbor of Lennoxville‘ she emphasizes.

A fit that is nothing out of the ordinary

Such an adjustment of the constituencies is not unusual, argues the political scientist Joanie Bouchard from the University of Sherbrooke. She recalls that Elections Canada conducts this exercise every ten years.

It is an approach independent of politics. »

A quote from Joanie Bouchard, political scientist at the School of Applied Politics at the University of Sherbrooke

It takes into account both the issue of demographic weight and the organization of different historical communities. Also the geographical organizations in relation to the whole area. So we come to a breakdown of each province in CanadaShe explains.

The public is asked to give their opinion on these proposals during a public consultation organized by the Boundary Commission. It will take place on October 5th at 9am at the Delta Hotel in Sherbrooke.

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