The Estrie SPA asks for help with veterinary care

The Estrie Animal Protection Society (SPA) is launching a new fundraising campaign to provide veterinary care to residents.

Monetary donations are requested to finance the veterinary care of all animals.

Our financial capabilities have been severely tested in recent months and years due to the medical needs of our residents. Many animals arrive at the animal shelter in precarious health conditions. Sometimes they require emergency veterinary care and medical treatment, which can be costlyexplains the spokesman SPA by Estrie, Alexane Bégin.

The latter notes that costs related to veterinary care have increased significantly in recent months. “We have seen our veterinary care costs double in the last three years,” explains Alexane Bégin. Our projections for 2023 are $600,000 just for the health care of our animals. This does not include any other care services we offer.

For the SPA de l’Estrie, we firmly believe that every animal deserves the necessary veterinary care.

Several factors explain the increase in these costs, according to the spokesman SPA from Estrie. Firstly, we are seeing an increase in the number of animals SPA. So there are more animals to take care of. There are also animals that arrive with more specific needs, whether from a health or behavioral perspective. Some animals also stay at home longer. SPA de l’Estrie because they have certain challenges or because the demand for adoption has decreased in recent months, especially since the return to normal life after the pandemic.

There SPA de l’Estrie does not have a veterinarian on staff. Instead, it does business with a partner clinic SPA is the main customer. It is the veterinarians at this outpatient clinic who look after the animals and prescribe medication.

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