“The Coca-Cola of the future”: what is “Y3000 Zero Sugar”, this new drink created with artificial intelligence?

Coca-Cola has just launched “Y3000 Zero Sugar,” a new drink powered entirely by artificial intelligence. Taste, marketing…here are AI’s ways to sell that new can.

“Y3000 zero sugar”. This is the name of this new drink that Coca-Cola has been producing and marketing in the United States and Canada since Tuesday September 12th. A great novelty, it has been designed entirely by artificial intelligence, from the appearance of the can to the taste, they say CNBC.

“Using AI-powered technology, Coca-Cola Y3000 Zero Sugar imagines the taste of a Coca-Cola of the future and introduces innovative experiences to explore the future,” said Oana Vlad, senior director of Coca-Cola’s global strategy. Cola. quoted in a press release by BFMTV.

“The Taste of the Future”

In their search for novelty and success, Coca-Cola researchers first gathered “key taste preferences and trends to understand what consumers imagine and think will be the taste of the future,” said a company representative CNBC.

Second, Coca-Cola’s artificial intelligence analyzed the data to “assist in developing flavor profiles and associations.”

The artificial intelligence was then responsible for designing the packaging of the can. And she went for a futuristic look with a pixelated logo and chrome colors.

Y3000 is available for a limited time only in the US and Canada starting Tuesday. There are two versions, one with full sugar, the other without sugar.

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