The city was judged to be a good student when it came to housekeeping

Canadian agency DBRS Morningstar praises the city of Lyon for “quality governance and budget management”.

“This rating, the best possible for a French commune, is a testament to our good and solid financial management.” These words come from Grégory Doucet, the mayor of Lyon, after good economic news for the city he leads.

The Canadian rating agency DBRS Morningstar gave the capital of Gaul a (high) AA rating. “This rating reflects a solid financial performance and a very moderate level of debt,” congratulates the City Hall, which also considers that the City of Lyon has “high-quality governance and budgetary management” while offering “a high level of financial transparency ” .

“Continue to improve the daily lives of Lyonnais and Lyonnais”

Inevitably, we on the Place des Terreaux side rejoice at such announcements for a green governance that has been in power since the local elections of 2020. “For two years we have worked responsibly to strengthen public services and fund environmental and social transitions while controlling debt,” said Audrey Henocque, deputy mayor in charge of finance, in a press release.

“By awarding the highest score to a municipality, DRBS Morningstar pays tribute to the administration of the city of Lyon,” said the latter.

For his part, the city’s mayor says he is “happy to see that the pragmatism regarding public money that has guided us since the beginning of our tenure is paying off” and reiterates that his aim is “a further improvement in daily life.” the Lyoners and Lyons”.

The second economic pole of France

The Canadian agency also says it is optimistic about the smooth running of Lyon’s multi-year investment plan (PPI), “despite the current inflationary context, particularly as regards energy prices,” specifies the municipality.

The real strengths of Lyon according to the city hall and rating agency? The city’s debt structure, “healthy, diversified and efficient,” and a Lyon economy “notable for its dynamism, particularly in the health and life sciences sectors.”

For all these reasons, Lugdunum inherits the title of “France’s second economic pole”, finally welcoming the town hall.

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