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The Canadian Party of Quebec (PaCQ), represented by candidate David Hamelin-Schuilenburg in Vaudreuil, announces its leading transport policy for Quebec’s future.

“The PaCQ believes the time has come for the Quebec government to make policy decisions based on identity and gross partisanship, and instead use legitimate economic and environmental measures to evaluate major projects.”said Colin Standish, leader of the Canadian Party of Quebec.

PaCQ takes a streamlined approach to transportation and public infrastructure development projects, shifting decision-making on large infrastructure projects away from identity and gross partisanship towards legitimate economic and environmental measures of evaluation. Final decisions will be guided by what gives Quebec the best return on investment, out of respect for taxpayers’ hard-earned money.

Similarly, in the context of the climate crisis, several of these projects aim to get drivers out of single-driver vehicles and move Quebec residents towards a much more reliable and accessible regional intermodal transportation system.

“Our transport policy will be simple, streamlined and above all, respect taxpayers’ money”added Standish.

The priority that the CAQ gives to one project over another

According to PaCQ, the CAQ’s decision-making process for large projects is flawed.

The 2019 promise to extend the REM Ouest-De-L’Île (Réseau Express Métropolitain) to Vaudreuil appears to have been abandoned. This is despite a petition to the National Assembly (petition no. 9139) submitted by Hameln-Schuilenburg in 2021 which received 3,467 signatures through word of mouth.

“Through the petition process, I found out that the CAQ government intends to break its promise to extend the REM to Vaudreuil, which citizens urgently need to avoid the Île aux Tourtes bridge, which is constantly overcrowded and often closed.”said Hamelin-Schuilenburg.

“In addition, at COP26, Premier Legault announced its intention to maintain the previous Liberal government’s commitment to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 37%. However, they blindly support a project that will only allow access for 50,000 to 60,000 light vehicles per day, while more than 90,000 vehicles of all types cross the Ile aux Tourtes bridge every day. What is the CAQ’s magic pill to convince at least a third of commuters to abandon their vehicle when transport accounts for more than 42% of greenhouse gases? » adds Hamelin-Schuilenburg.

The Position of the Canadian Party of Quebec on Transportation

Two REM extensions

Westbound – Extension of the Ouest-De-L’Île section of the Metropolitan Express Network, commonly known as REM de l’Ouest.

Eastbound – The redesign and construction of the eastern leg of the Metropolitan Express Network, commonly known as REM de l’Est.

Extension of the metro in the west and west of the island

Extend the Orange Line west of Décarie along Sherbrooke Street to Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, Montreal West, Hampstead and Côte-Saint-Luc

Stations at Concordia University’s Loyola campus, at Trudeau Airport in Dorval.

Three additional subway expansions

For a complete map of the extensions offered by the CaPQ:

Passenger rail service from the Eastern Townships and Montreal to Boston

The PaCQ supports the rail passenger traffic that crosses the Eastern Townships

PaCQ support for the Québec City Tramway project

Supporting the creation of high-speed train systems

Pothole guarantee and end of construction contracts to the cheapest provider

Potholes, road works and paving are guaranteed by all contractors for five years.

Termination of construction contracts to the lowest bidder that contribute to substandard construction work is no longer provincially or municipally mandated

Bilingualism, road safety pictograms and signage

Free public transport in Quebec

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