The Canadian finishes the rookie tournament well

The Canadian’s hopes took root in the three games of the rookie tournament in Buffalo, and some of them are now hoping to use that springboard to excel at the start of main camp.

The Montreal club defeated the Ottawa Senators 2-1 at the end of the event Monday afternoon at the LECOM Harborcenter, thanks to goals from Riley Kidney and Jan Mysak.

The Canadian looked better than in his first two games – a 6-3 loss against the Buffalo Sabers and a 4-1 win against the Boston Bruins – but faced much weaker opponents.

The Senators only had five players on their roster, including just one forward.

Therefore, under these circumstances, we can say that the Habs players answered the call.

“We played an intense game and had several good scoring opportunities,” said Laval Rocket head coach Jean-François Houle, who cited the Canadian’s hopes throughout the tournament. We gave full throttle in the three periods.

“For some players it was their first time wearing the Canadian jersey,” he added. You will feel more comfortable when the main camp begins in a few days. »

Defensemen Logan Mailloux and David Reinbacher looked good. Mailloux hit the post twice, in addition to having a goal stolen from him by goalkeeper Leevi Meriläinen, while Reinbacher was effective in his goal area.

“It had been five or six months since I last played a hockey game,” recalled Mailloux, who seemed particularly nervous during the first game. It felt good to get rid of the nervousness. It was also the first time I wore the Canadian uniform, which is special. I think I gained confidence over the course of the three games. »

“The game is fast and I had to adapt,” Mailloux added. I think this experience has left me better prepared for camp. »

Offensively, players like Joshua Roy, Sean Farrell and Filip Mesar managed to create further scoring opportunities on Monday. Mysak was also involved in the battles around the opposition net.

Meriläinen was the star of the Senators’ camp, stopping 33 shots.

On the Canadian side, visiting goalkeeper Jan Spunar only had 16 shots.

Defenders William Trudeau and Miguël Tourigny also continued their good work with the Canadian, as did Jayden Struble. Houle particularly praised the work of Trudeau, who was team captain in the two games he played.

“Today he’s the one who managed the patent,” Houle said. When he skates and holds his head up, he is beautiful to look at. »

“I think he was the most consistent player in the tournament. His experience paid off. Today he was one of the best players on the ice. »

Trudeau found his wings in Buffalo last year and had a good season with the Rockets back then. He and his teammates hope to repeat the scenario and now impress the Habs management in main camp.

The Canadian’s camp begins on Wednesday with medical examinations. The first training takes place on Thursday. The Canadian will play his traditional red versus white game on Sunday before playing his first preseason game against the New Jersey Devils on September 25th.

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