The best football month of the year!

The best football month of the year. It’s like the equinox of football. The month of champions!

An extraordinary football weekend! The Bol d’or College Division 1 will pit Grasset against Limoilou.

Collège Bourget against Saint-Jean-Eudes in the youth division 1.

Western will visit the Carabins at Mt. for the Canadian semifinals.

And the Alouettes will play for the Gray Cup. Yes yes, the Gray Cup!

Get out your Mike Pringle and Ben Cahoon jerseys, the Alouettes are BACK!

The city is doing much better when the Alouettes are good, otherwise we’ll just have to wait for the Canadian to present his eighth consecutive redevelopment plan…

The Rouge et Or sold their skins dearly for the carbines. In my humble opinion they deserved to win the game, but I believe the better team won in the end.

The Alouettes caused a big surprise with an exceptional game and 9 turnovers. It will be an incredible challenge to play like this again, but this time against the Bombers, who will be looking to avenge their Gray Cup defeat from last year.

In the NFL, CJ Stroud continues to surprise everyone. Great away win against the Bengals.

Deshaun Watson is doing something good for his owner and proving to him that he is somewhat right about his contract. The Bruns come from behind and beat their division rivals. They are now 6-3.

Brandon Staley found another way to lose a close game. I can’t believe the Chargers didn’t release him this week. He’s a defensive coach, this is the fourth time this year the Chargers’ defense has allowed more than 475 yards. Ahoy…

I love the month of November.

I’m looking forward to next week.

We keep our fingers crossed for the teams from Quebec.

Come to Trois-Rivières this weekend to watch student football!

Happy football week! 🏈

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