Telecommunications companies are increasingly relying on artificial intelligence

As Canada’s telecommunications sector undergoes technological change, artificial intelligence (AI) could be used to predict and reduce outages or change the way customer service is delivered.

At least that’s one of the key messages from Telus CIO Hesham Fahmy, who says AI is useful for identifying patterns in data and detecting anomalies. The comments were made on the opening day of the Canadian Telecommunications Summit, which runs Monday through Wednesday in Toronto.

Mr Fahmy says any debate about the need for greater integration of AI into the sector is over and he expects adoption to occur rapidly in the coming years.

Increasing transparency surrounding outages remains a priority for the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission. The federal regulator launched a consultation in March aimed at developing a framework to improve the reliability and resilience of telecommunications networks.

Fahmy adds that another potential application of AI is in customer service, noting that companies like Telus could rely more heavily on the technology to reduce the time customers wait to speak with an agent.

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