Technology useful for better understanding of wildlife

In the documentary series Connected Wildlife Presented by ICI Explora, biologists Grégory Bulté, Jade Legros and Daniel Dupont use technology to study wildlife.

Grégory Bulté, a biology professor at Carleton University in Ontario, specializes in studying turtles. Thanks to various technological tools, he can better estimate the age of the turtles he observes, which can have long lifespans.

Bats, Jade Legros, a masters student in biology at McGill University in Montreal, knows them well: “We don’t see them often. Technology gives us access to their way of life,” she says of these animals, which can eat up to 600 insects an hour at night.

“The wolves chose me,” says Daniel Dupont, a graduate student at Memorial University of Newfoundland and wildlife biologist for the province of Manitoba. “With GPS collars, we can determine where and when they are […] to know their detailed movements,” emphasizes the researcher.

The three biologists also reveal never-before-seen facts about turtles, bats and wolves you can see on the show Connected Wildlife.

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