Summary of the 15th day of the election campaign

The election of Pierre Poilievre as leader of the Conservative Party of Canada caught the attention of all political parties on Sunday. Here is the recap of day 15 of the campaign.

Coalition Future Quebec

Legault would no longer refer to GND as “woke”.

Caquiste leader François Legault has no intention of joining Conservative leaders Pierre Poilievre and Éric Duhaime in the fight against the guards, so much so that he regrets having already called Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois that.

Decline of French: Legault worries about national cohesion

Maintaining national cohesion, which Quebecers have shown through cohesion, goes through protecting the French, chief caquist François Legault pleaded during a first major rally in Drummondville.

Quebec Liberal Party

Poilievre and the Wokes: Labels divide Quebecers, says Anglade

Posting labels like wokism is dividing Quebecers, Liberal Party leader Dominique Anglade pleads the day after Pierre Poilievre won as leader of Canada’s Conservative Party.

The PLQ promises free transportation for students and seniors

To take a financial burden off students and seniors, the Quebec Liberal Party (PLQ) plans to make public transport free for them, a promise made by Philippe Couillard in the 2018 election.

Solidarity Quebec

Banning the veil is a form of oppression, according to Québec Solidaire MNA Christine Labrie

Banning the wearing of the Islamic veil is a form of oppression, says Solidarity Commissioner Christine Labrie.

As Québec solidaire pledges to end the ban on religious symbols for government employees in positions of authority, Sherbrooke MP has been asked to speak out against feminists who see the Islamic veil as a symbol of female dominance.

Québec solidaire: a plan to regionalize immigration

The Québec Solidaire en Immigration Plan envisages giving “priority” permanent status to temporary immigrants who have already settled outside major urban centers in order to increase the number of new arrivals by up to 60% each year.

Quebec Conservative Party

Like Poilievre, Duhaime wants to rid Quebec of the dead

Éric Duhaime echoed the words of the new Canadian Conservative Party (CCP) leader, Pierre Poilievre, who said yesterday he wants to liberate Quebec from the awakened government of Justin Trudeau.

Eliminate waste: Food processors must provide a minimum level of service, says Duhaime

Conservatives want legislation to prevent disruptions in the food production chain, such as strikes in slaughterhouses and factories, from leading to waste. It’s not a bad idea, says one union, which nonetheless believes workers’ rights to strike must be protected.

Quebec Conservative Party: a campaign à la Harper

Hammering out the simplest possible message and targeting specific counties to avoid wasting energy and resources: Éric Duhaime’s strategy is modeled after the style of Stephen Harper’s campaign, say the former federal conservatives… with a few differences.

Parti Quebecois

The PQ would force Horne Hut to meet the standard within 4 years

The Parti Québécois would force the Horne smelter to reduce its arsenic emissions to 15 ng/m3 then to the Quebec standard of 3 ng/m in the year after his election3 in a first term when he takes power.

Pierre Poilievre’s victory could reignite the flame of independence

Pierre Poilievre’s victory at the helm of the Conservative Party on the federal stage will “intensify” reflection among Quebecers on their belonging to Canada, believes PQ leader Paul St-Pierre Plamondon.

The leader of the Bloc Québécois will visit the leader of the PQ

Bloc Québécois leader Yves-François Blanchet will appear alongside leader Paul St-Pierre Plamondon in the second half of the Parti Québécois campaign.

CLSC: the gateway to the healthcare network under a PQ government

The CLSCs will become the gateway to the healthcare network under a PQ government, Paul St-Pierre Plamondon announced on Sunday.


Elections 2022: The economy worries students

The current economic situation is worrying young people in Quebec. At both CEGEP and the university, student associations find that very little is done to support them.

The campaign in pictures – Day 15: PSPP reinvents itself as a sports commentator

Over the next 36 days, our on-site journalists and photographers will follow the 2022 election campaign in real time and collect exclusive images and snapshots.

Campaign Diary: Week 2

Our journalists boarded the five caravans of political parties that criss-crossed the streets of Quebec until October 3rd. Every Sunday, The newspaper takes you behind the scenes of this election trip.

Commitments to meeting the needs of students requested by professionals

As elections near, many groups are expressing their expectations for the next government, and the Federation of Education Professionals of Quebec (FPPE-CSQ) is no exception, calling for clear commitments to meet the needs of students in the province .

Eldest: Promises still too shy

Political parties have multiplied their commitment to seniors during the election campaign, but did they get it right?

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