Succession in the powerlift

The performances of Tommy Deschênes on the provincial scene of power lift have something to inspire. Although he is just beginning in this discipline, the septile Emrick Beaulieu aspires to follow in these footsteps.

Emrick Beaulieu was only seriously training for it power lift. It was his teacher at the Institut d’enseignement de Sept-Îles, Alexandre Tremblay, who wrote to Tommy Deschênes asking him to find him a coach.

“Tommy inspires me, he’s from Septilia. I have stumbled when I found what I seriously wanted to do. I used to just mess around at the gym,” said Emrick, who decided to embrace better lifestyle habits.

What he likes power liftit is the aspect of a large family.

“Everyone gives advice to the other. »

If he’s ever thought of bodybuilding, he prefers strength over aesthetics.

Tommy Deschênes, who recently finished first overall in the 110lb category at the Bataille des As de Châteauguay (650lb). squatting375 lbs au Bank and 650 pounds in the deadlift) said he was impressed by Emrick Beaulieu.

“He surprised me. He already has great technique. There are people who are bad at forcing, but not him. »

Among the three tests of power liftEmrick Beaulieu prefers it squattingfollowed by Bank and deadlift.

He hopes to be able to take part in his first competition in the fall. He wants to get close to the Quebec records for the subjunior category (15-19 years), he has 17.

The best provincial brands are 485 lb au squatting315 lbs au Soh and 200 kg in the deadlift. Emrick shot 345, 235, and 405, respectively.

He continues to make progress.

“I am what my coach (Mario Roy) tells me to be. »

The guy, who also played baseball and hockey, will be traveling to Quebec for his college studies in the coming months. He wants to become a social worker or kinesiologist.

He will also give himself more training opportunities power lift.

For his part, Tommy Deschênes wants to further develop his discipline. “There is a lot of potential in Sept-Îles. THE power lift, it helps develop self-confidence. »

Does he intend to compete in a world-class competition one day?

“If I get the chance one day, yes, but I’m not there yet. »

A matter of time and work

The prejudices against doping products can be numerous in the middle of the world power lift. What exactly does Tommy Deschênes think of this?

“It’s the same in all sports. It’s not everyone who’s in control,” Septilie assures.

He points out that there are two types of associations power liftthe one who checks and the one who doesn’t.

“Both are sanctioned, but those tested are affiliated with CCES (Canadian Center for Ethics in Sport), which means that if an athlete tests positive in a tested federation, all of their records disappear, followed by a ban from competition for a period of .” four years and a fine,” he explains.

According to Tommy Deschênes, as in all areas of life, the key to success is working hard to achieve your goals. “Eat like a champ, train like a champ, and rest as needed to achieve your goals. »

Le Septilien also talks about the time factor.

“All athletes want to see results as quickly as possible, but again, time is the key to success. The best athletes are not those who have played a sport for two or three years, but those who have been doing it for ten years. »

Whatever the sport, you must practice it first and foremost for yourself and for pleasure. “We can’t cut corners,” said Emrick Beaulieu, who is also keen to progress down the middle power lift.

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