Strategy game Victoria 3

Victoria 3 is a sophisticated socio-economic and political simulation that strives to accurately portray the world’s population through a century of major technological and social upheavals. Back then, people demanded food, but also more freedom through political demands. Players must pass laws and social reforms that reflect the desires of their citizens, trying to impose a better future on a nation that will not always appreciate their spirit of initiative.

– Infinite Replayability – Players will be able to rewrite history and take command of dozens of Victorian-era nations, from industrial powerhouses like Britain and Prussia to giants like Qing Dynasty Russia and China , via Japan or even colonial Canada.
– Extensive social simulation – Every inhabitant of a nation is simulated, whether farmer or employee, capitalist or craftsman. Everyone has personal beliefs, political preferences and, most importantly, a standard of living that needs to be maintained.
– An Economic Challenge – Players must develop their economy by creating new industries and institutions, trading their surplus goods in the world’s many markets, and importing what their people need to survive.
– Diplomacy – Anything that can be won through war can also be won at the negotiating table. Players can enlist support from their allies while also putting pressure on weaker or rival nations.
– Politics – Players must manage their country’s various political factions through laws and reforms. Can they improve the lives of their citizens, even if it entails the wrath of established authorities?
– A Living World – The world map will change over the years as new railroads connect burgeoning cities, many of which were just hamlets decades ago.

Victoria 3 will be available on PC on October 25, 2022, priced at $49.99.

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