Stéphane Leroux reports a huge claim against Logan Mailloux!

This season the young defender Logan Mailloux The jump to the pros will be made by those who completed their junior career last season.

While the Canadiens’ defensive brigade appears to be complete before training camp begins, Mailloux is likely to develop further with the Rocket at Laval.

Since his controversial selection in the 2021 draft, nobody seems to agree on the true potential of Mailloux, who lost about a year of development time due to his legal past and a serious injury.

On the other hand, his London Knights GM doesn’t hesitate to praise his defender, who believes he’s the best youngster on the blue line he’s spent with the team since John Carlson the Washington Capitals.

That’s a powerful statement. But then another absolutely stunning statement emerged.

Invited to analyze Canadian’s bank of hopes on waves of 98.5 Sports, analyst says Stephane Leroux Something unusual about the CH defender brought him to light when speaking to some professional recruiters who work for NHL teams.

“He’s a guy who lacks mileage. Again, time will tell, but I’ve had scouts tell me about Logan Mailloux that he might have been the second best defenseman in his draft. Recall that he was drafted at the end of the first round.” but if he hadn’t had that blemish on his record, he probably would have been drafted sooner. If you look at his games with the Knights from London I still saw some of them, he looked like a man with kids.”

– Stephane Leroux

How big is this statement? See which defenders were selected in the top 40 draft by Mailloux.

1. OwenPower (Saber)4. LukeHughes (Devil)6. Simon Edvinsson (Red Wings)8th. Brandt Clarke (kings)25 Corson Ceulemans (Blue jackets)26 Carson Lambos (Wild)31 Logan Mailloux (Canadian)32 Nolan Alan (Blackhawks)34 Olen Zellweger (ducks)35 Ryker Evans (Octopus)36 Shai Buium (Red Wings)38 Daniel Chayka (Golden Knights) And Scott Morrow (hurricanes).

As you can see, there are huge shoe sizes here. If Mailloux really were the second-best defenseman in that group, the Canadiens would officially have a star player in the NHL on their hands.

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