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intuitive launches an integrated campaign aimed at supporting the prosperity of small businesses in the province of La Belle. This new campaign from QuickBookssigned Headspace Marketingwants to show small business owners in Quebec that it’s possible to take control of their business and worry less about their finances so they can spend more time doing what they love.

landscape Take control of your business features videos of Quebec small business owners that seem to float, drawing a parallel to the how QuickBooks facilitates the management of company finances. The 30-second video is set in downtown Montreal. The campaign highlights the growing number of entrepreneurs in the province, where youth, women and immigrants play an important role in today’s entrepreneurial community.

“With challenges like labor shortages, rising inflation and a looming recession, it’s becoming increasingly clear that small business owners will need every advantage they can get,” he says Puja lower coursemarketing chief, Intuit QuickBooks Canada. We want to send an optimistic message by showing how the suite of tools QuickBooks can help small Québec businesses stay on top of their businesses and allow them to spend more time enjoying their successes.”

“Our goal is to help small business owners do what matters most: build and grow their business,” he adds Puja lower course. Through this campaign and our continued investment in developing the capabilities of our products in French, we want to help French-speaking entrepreneurs and demonstrate our commitment to understand and respond to their needs and realities.”

videos were designed and produced by Headspace Marketing. Filmed in Montreal by a Quebec team, they will be broadcast on traditional and digital platforms. This campaign with a catchy song by clay and friends, expresses the playful spirit of the province. In addition, the slogan “Be above your business” reflects the self-confidence of Quebec entrepreneurs. Digital assets will be rolled out over the next few weeks as part of this integrated campaign. This includes video capsules in which the testimonials are presented by Quebec entrepreneursare and collaborations with local content creators.

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