snitch. The city issues identity cards and passports “within three months”.

The elected officials wish to provide the municipality with a system for collecting applications for identification documents. We can get our paperwork done in Mouchard thanks to a 30-hour-a-week service held at City Hall by a secretary and a city police officer who were voted to be hired.

Mar 22, 2023 @ 5:51pm | updated March 22, 2023 at 6:28 p.m

Identity papers and passports issued to Mouchard town hall, less administrative work: for Mayor Sandra Hählen, the purchase of “a device for collecting applications for identity documents” (as the name goes) would have the effect of being “energizing, encouraging” , Unblocking of Arbois and Dole, which face many requests”, affecting deadlines.

30 hours a week

This new service, wanted by the majority, the principle of which was unanimously approved by the municipal council on Tuesday, March 21 (still to obtain the approval of the prefecture), could be opened “within three months”, Sandra Hählen hoped at the end of the meeting .

It would work 30 hours a week in a town hall room currently allocated to the rural home for which proposals are being made to ‘relocate’ to a refurbished F2 community flat or gym room.

“A fair amount of rudeness”

It would be provided alternately by a town clerk and by…a town police officer. Because Sandra Hählen associates the “ID papers” file with the creation of a municipal police force consisting of a single officer. “I see quite a lot of rudeness in Mouchard: humiliation, insults… We have two schools, a train station, the RN83 is nearby, all of which causes traffic jams.” In addition, our population is aging and the gendarmes have to cover a large area. »

A multi-tasking city cop

A full-time community policeman in Mouchard, 1,080 souls, is that a lot? Specifically, Sandra Hählen would like to devote herself to issuing passports on a part-time basis. “Anyway, if we don’t want the constable, we still have to hire people to take on that duty, which I can’t quite trust the secretary who’s employed to do other jobs. »

The cop the elected officials want: His hiring was approved by a majority despite three “no” votes, including that of former mayor Michel Rochet. The mayor asked his counterpart in Les Rousses, who employs an agent, about the costs incurred by the municipality: vehicle (20,000 euros), computer (500 euros), bulletproof vest (700 euros), annual salary (50,000 euros)… “An expense that could be mitigated by grants,” specifies the first judge, who also wants to use her recruit for “preventive measures”. And thus also on tasks related to civil status.

No tax increase, 1.3 million euros invested in 2023

Unsurprisingly, the city won’t be raising taxes in 2023. As part of the fiscal and financial pact, Comcom decides whether or not to play along with taxation, “and we’ll win there,” the mayor estimates. This year around 1.3 million euros will have to be invested, in particular for the renovation of the gymnasium (800,000 euros). According to Sandra Hählen, the equipment should be delivered next September. The exhibition center also has to be prepared for 100,000 euros. 30,000 euros flow into the renewal of video surveillance cameras, which are outdated with the cessation of public lighting.

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