Sidney Crosby hopes players are safer

Pittsburgh Penguins star player Sidney Crosby appealed to National Hockey League (NHL) officials and players about their safety ahead of next season.

In transit 32 thoughts Crosby of the Sportsnet channel pointed out that the suspensions imposed were one of the things that worried him personally and all other skaters in the Bettman circuit the most.

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“It’s always the case that you see a highlight or a clip and you don’t know the extent of a suspension, you don’t know whether there will be a suspension or not. That’s what I feel,” the Penguins captain said.

However, the veteran admitted that it was a difficult task to impose bans, but he would like to see more consistency.

“I know it’s not an easy task for anyone, but I still feel like there’s a gray area,” he added. I don’t think anyone will ever agree on the length or intentions of a player, that’s always debatable. But I would like to think that we can get a little closer to understanding exactly what this is about and what the punishment might be. »

Last season, Crosby scored 93 points, including 33 goals, in 82 games. He even reached the plateau of 1,500 career points.

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