Rose-Anne Grenier is on the move

HOLY MARY. Rose-Anne Grenier, 24 years old from Sainte-Marie, won a bronze medal at the Canadian Speed ​​Skating Championships, held October 5-8 in Calgary, Alberta, as well as another third place at the World University Games, which took place in January in Lake Placid (New York) in the USA.

“I finished last season with results that allowed me to secure a place in the national development team. I’ve never been closer to qualifying for the World Cup! […] My goal has always been to reach the highest level that I am capable of. Being one of the best in the country and being able to wear the maple leaf makes me extremely proud.

», commented the one who is currently studying actuarial science at the University of Laval in Quebec.

Note that the athlete’s achievements allowed her to snag a $4,000 scholarship on October 26. The sum comes from the company Saputo and the Aléo Foundation.

a Lovestory

Rose-Anne Grenier debuted in her sport at the age of 13. At that time she was a ringette player and her sister practiced speed skating.

“Not only did I love this sport, but I also really liked the idea of ​​training with the goal of comparing myself to myself and actually observing my own improvement. […] This way I have control over virtually all the factors that lead to good results or not,” she says.

Today she sees her greatest strengths in her discipline and her relentlessness. “I was never naturally good at anything. I also have to say that I started speed skating quite late and that it is an extremely technical sport. As a result, I always had to redouble my efforts to reduce the strength difference between the other skaters and myself. I think that’s why it’s so easy for me to push myself to the limit and do whatever it takes to achieve my goals. It’s easy to be disciplined when the passion is there,” she continued.

Furthermore, she does not consider the “victims” in the athlete’s life as such. “I love the lifestyle I’m lucky to have. […] I believe that regardless of the field, this is still a very important key to success,” she said, although she was aware of her difficulties.

The following

Beauceronne’s next challenge will be the Canada Cup, which takes place January 4-7. This competition serves as a qualification for international winter competitions. “I feel great at the moment and am excited to see what I can achieve! “, she has fever.

In the short term, Ms Grenier hopes to improve her times and qualify for the national development team again for next season. She hopes to take part in more international competitions in the near future. “In the long term, taking part in the famous Olympic Games is certainly a dream. However, I don’t put too much pressure on myself. I will continue as long as the passion and progress is there. »

For young people who want to try their luck, Rose-Anne Grenier offers simple advice: try it! “You have to take time to progress and have fun. Maybe I’m a little biased, but I like to think that this sport is one of the most beautiful sports. […] It’s a perfect mix of endurance, strength, technique and of course speed. Trying this sport is one of my best decisions to date and I would 100% recommend it. »

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