RioCan and NEO are partners for YSC advertising rights

NEO associated with RioCan REIT for the advertising presentation of Yonge Sheppard Center (YSC). YSC is located in downtown Toronto and has direct access to the TTC – Sheppard subway station, a daily transit point for thousands of residents and workers.

2019, RioCan has invested more than $300 million to revitalize this 305,000 square foot property and transform it into a versatile and dynamic destination. Today, YSC offers several flagship banners. This major restructuring resulted in the addition of 100,000 square feet of commercial space, the restoration of two office towers, and the construction of the 36-story PIVOT residential tower.

“Since the beginning of 2022, traffic in shopping centers has been steadily increasing and we are estimating the number of visitors by the end of the year YSC to almost 10 million. We are convinced that the Yonge Sheppard Center becomes an important showpiece for NEO shopping in Toronto and a great addition to our network of over 100 shopping centers across Canada,” he says Jordana FatsiExecutive Vice President of Sales at NEO.

“We are pleased about the partnership with NEOa partner that we believe will effectively connect advertisers to the thriving community of Yonge Sheppard Centerand will actively participate in the dynamics of this important mixed-use shopping mall,” explained Jonathan SonshineVice President, Asset Management at RioCan.

From 19.09. NEO begin advertising operations with a total of 46 advertising spaces.

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