Razer unveils Edge, its portable cloud gaming console

After the huge success of Valve’s Steam Deck and the launch of the Logitech Cloud Gaming Handheld, it’s Razer, a computer game accessories company,’s turn to enter the portable cloud video game console arena (cloud gaming) with edge.

The handheld will be equipped with the Android operating system and a Qualcomm G3x chip. It’s a detachable 6.8-inch tablet, meaning it can be detached from the controller, a Kishi V2 Pro.

Gamers can connect their headphones to the Edge, which features Bluetooth 5.2 technology. Thanks to an integrated front camera, Instavideographers can also film themselves and stream their games live on Twitch from their portable console.

The device allows you to launch video games in the cloud through services such as Xbox Cloud Gaming, Nvidia GForce Now or Valve’s Steam Link application.

This portable console isn’t for everyone’s budget: when it launches in January, the model with Wi-Fi connection will start at US$400 (approx. CA$550). This amount is slightly higher than the Logitech Cloud Gaming Handheld. The device is currently only available for reservation in the US for a fee of US$5 (approximately CA$7).

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