Quebec’s sports community is asking for a financial catch-up

CASQ members represent thousands of federations, sports associations, municipalities and regional entities. This is a large organization that includes the Institut national du sport du Québec, the Regroupement du loisirs et du sport du Québec, the Network of Regional Leisure and Sport Units of Quebec, and the Pôle sports HEC Montréal.

The demands on the government have four axes, namely a correction of underfunding, a predictable and multi-year structured funding approach, a transformation of the environment to make sports practice more accessible, innovative, professional, safe and inclusive as a sports infrastructure investment plan.

The pandemic has shown the extent to which sport is an indispensable service for the population and that its accessibility could be a hindrance for families in the current context. In addition to contributing to prevention and physical, mental and spiritual health, sport enables connections to be made and communities to be united. It is a powerful inclusion and accessibility tool that should be a priority for the next government.SportsQuébec President Julie Gosselin said in a press release.

SportsQuébec has seen a decline in participation and volunteer numbers, recruitment difficulties, a lack of infrastructure and security issues.

About five million people practice or work in sports in the province.

The office of Minister for Education and Sports Isabelle Charest said by email that it had taken note of CASQ’s demands, but also wanted to recall the investments made by the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ) in recent years.

Remember that sport and recreation have never received so much support from the government. In the past four years, the CAQ government has made record investments in both organizational support and infrastructure. The pandemic has made it possible to paint a portrait of the challenges in the world of sport and that is why last June we unveiled a $250 million action plan for the next five years. We’ve also invested $800 million in nearly 1,350 infrastructure renovation or construction projects.

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