PureLiFi opens up new avenues in maritime connectivity. –

PureLiFi, a leader in light-compatible connectivity, has just announced the signing of a three-year contract with Fairbanks Morse Defense (FMD), an American company specializing in maritime defense. This partnership will enable PureLiFi to deliver its breakthrough technology to maritime defense customers.

UK-based company PureLiFi is known for its kitefin technology, which uses light to create wireless connections. This agreement with FMD will combine Kitefin technology with FMD’s FM onboard platform to provide critical communications for vessels.

PureLiFi expands its business into the United States and the maritime sector.

Alistair Banham, CEO of PureLiFi, expressed his satisfaction with the deal, saying it will expand the use of Li-Fi to maritime use cases and strengthen the company’s presence in the United States. So far, PureLiFi had successfully deployed its technology on land, but this collaboration with FMD opens new perspectives in the field of connectivity at sea.

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George Whittier, CEO of FMD, indicated that this platform will allow ship engineers to securely communicate with experts on land to solve problems encountered at sea. This technological advance will help improve the efficiency and safety of maritime operations.

Light-based wireless technologies in the Navy.

The financial terms of this agreement were not disclosed, however PureLiFi clarified that this partnership is the result of successful collaboration with FMD on an acceleration program to support defense start-ups. FMD customers, which include the United States Navy and Coast Guard and the Coast Guard of Canada, will benefit from this advanced technology to enhance their operations at sea.

Li-Fi is a revolutionary wireless technology that uses light to transmit data and offers significant advantages over traditional radio frequencies. This innovative technology paves the way for new possibilities of connectivity, both on land and at sea.

This partnership between PureLiFi and FMD marks an important step in the field of maritime connectivity. By harnessing the power of light, these two companies are helping improve communications at sea, increasing the safety and efficiency of marine operations.

For its part, PureLiFi announced that it will continue to innovate and explore new opportunities to expand the use of its revolutionary technology. With this long-term contract with FMD, the company is positioning itself as a major player in maritime connectivity, providing advanced solutions for defense and security needs at sea.

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