Protesters are calling for more family doctors in British Columbia

This isn’t the first time the group BC Health Matters organize such a meeting. Another was set up last May to put pressure on the government.

The movement was founded nine months ago by Camille Currie after she lost her GP. The goal, she says, is to convince people in British Columbia to claim their health rights.

We do this to encourage people to ask more questions, challenge initiatives and solutions that promise to help us. »

A quote from Camille Currie, President of BC Health Care Matters

According to her, more than 1 million British Columbians do not have a family doctor.

The crisis is getting worse

Last August, the provincial government invested $118 million Provide temporary support to GPs and encourage them to continue practicing in British Columbia.

This initiative is necessary, says Camille Currie: We observed doctors leaving the province and the number of residents without a family doctor increasing.

However, she fears this will be a short-term solution as the grant expires in January.

GPs plan to send letters to patients telling them they’re leaving the province… When they’re gone and they close their offices, it’s going to be scary. »

A quote from Camille Currie, President of BC Health Care Matters

On Friday, Prime Minister-elect David Eby said he would lower barriers to hiring foreign doctors.

For some family doctors like Dr. jennifer Lushthe problem is the pay-per-service model that needs to change. The other federal states have significantly more attractive modelsShe explains.

Last May, the group BC Health Matters, sent a petition to Health Secretary Adrian Dix and Chief Medical Officer Bonnie Henry. Another petition must be sent to Canadian Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos to urge him to act in the face of this health crisis.

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