Product recall: Grocery store mushrooms that may be contaminated with bacteria

Golden Mushroom brand enoki mushrooms are being recalled in Ontario and “possibly other provinces and territories” while some may be contaminated with potentially deadly bacteria.

“Do not consume, use, sell, serve or distribute the recalled products. “Products subject to a recall should be thrown away or returned to the place where they were purchased,” the company said in a news release Saturday on the Government of Canada website.

Enoki mushrooms sold in 200g packages “do not necessarily exhibit visible changes or suspicious odors” when contaminated with the bacteria. Listeria monocytogenes, but can still pose a health risk, Global News reported Sunday.

These contaminated mushrooms can therefore, depending on the symptoms listed, cause vomiting, nausea, persistent fever, muscle pain, severe headache and stiff neck and pose a risk to unborn babies who may be born prematurely or die before birth if necessary.

Goldenway International Trade Co. brand Enoki mushrooms were previously the subject of a similar recall in May 2021 due to the presence of the same bacteria.

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