Panic aboard Paris-Detroit flight: plane forced to make emergency landing in Canada after passenger was ‘violent’ and ‘terrifying’

The passenger began scaring other travelers and flight crew.

The international flight that left thatAirport Paris-Charles de Gaulle to Detroit, Michigan (USA).), was taken to a Canadian airport on Friday, June 2 after a 34-year-old passenger began scaring fellow passengers and flight crew.

“There was someone who was violent and he would not calm down. We wanted to be here as soon as possible. It was frightening A little”reported Dena Haddad, a passenger WXYZ Detroit.

Nicolas Fougere, another passenger on board the flight, agreed fox2 that his seatmate had seen the suspect and another passenger arguing before being separated from the crew. The person sitting next to me wanted to use the bathroom and saw it two people are arguing. The crew told him to go to another toilet.he testified.

Emergency landing in Canada

The unidentified man’s behavior was reportedly so erratic that flight crews were forced to restrain him. However, the latter would have managed to free himself before the plane touched the ground. Between five and six passengers would then have jumped at him to incapacitate himr until the aircraft makes an emergency landing.

The plane, carrying 261 passengers, made one Forced landing at Stephenville Dymond Airport in Newfoundland, Canadasix hours after departure, according to FlightAware. On site, Canadian authorities quickly arrested the suspect. The plane then departed Stephenville to land in Detroit a few hours later.

Delta Airlinesthe airline operating the flight condemned the incident. “Unruly behaviorespecially when it potentially jeopardizes the safety of our customers and flight crew,” the company wrote in a statement.

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