Ottawa will partially finance two nuclear reactors in Romania

(Ottawa) Canada is helping finance two new CANDU nuclear reactors in Romania, which Romania’s energy minister says will help reduce Russia’s ability to weaponize its energy exports.

Canadian Energy and Natural Resources Minister Jonathan Wilkinson signed a $3 billion export finance agreement with his Romanian counterpart Sebastian Burduja in Ottawa on Tuesday.

Canadian funding is limited to spending by the Romanian state-owned company Nuclearelectrica, which operates the Cernavoda nuclear power plant, to purchase equipment and expertise from Canadian companies.

Minister Burduja says the agreement is partly about climate change, as it will allow Romania to burn less coal to generate electricity.

But above all, according to him, it is about distancing oneself from Russian energy sources. Romania is also in talks with other countries in the region so that they can also reduce their dependence on Russia, the minister said.

Two Canadian-made Candu reactors already provide a quarter of Romania’s electricity; The two additional reactors will increase this figure to almost a third of the national supply.

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