Ottawa truckers, those yellow vests Canada didn’t see coming

Thousands of truckers converged on the road to Ottawa from across Canada. PATRICK DOYLE / REUTERS

NARRATIVE – Thousands of truckers flocked to Ottawa from across Canada to express their frustration at the health restrictions. The city center of the capital remained closed all weekend.

These are a bit like our Yellow Vestssums up the Canadian journalist Emmanuelle Latraverse. at FigaroTVA/LCN political scientist describes a demonstrationspectacular“, a parade”which will leave its mark on Canada’s political life‘ which is actually not very common. We don’t march on the streets of Ottawa every Saturday. But on Saturday, January 29, and even Friday night, thousands of trucks poured into the city center in convoys, which remained paralyzed throughout the weekend. As of Tuesday, some of them are still refusing to leave the premises and police are still recommending city center residents to limit their movements and start teleworking. The community also shared an interactive map, updated in real time, suggesting that the entire downtown area was still paralyzed last night. The trucks are now massed around Parliament.

But where did they come from? During several…

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