[Opinion] Pierre-Luc Brilliant, the duty to remember

The duty asked five candidates who made the leap into politics for the first time, which sparked their interest in public life. With one candidate per party, they tell us about their doubts and their hopes. Today PQ player Pierre-Luc Brillant.

I was born when René Lévesque began his second year as Québec’s Premier, a few months after the National Assembly passed the Charter of the French Language. Today, at the age of 44, I am deeply grateful and proud of the colossal work of our national party in radically changing the political face of the people of Quebec, transforming the status of a French-speaking minority in Canada into that of a majority people his home. Like all Québecians, my existence is deeply marked by the legacy of the only truly sovereign party whose work must still and always go on.

I grew up with the disappointments of the 1980 referendum defeat and the dashed hopes that followed. I was barely two years old when René Lévesque invited us “next time”! I remember it through the memory of my father, my mother and our collective memory. The years have left me with this indelible will to make this dream come true. For the rest of the world. For the survival of our world.

In 1995 I was finally able to appreciate the strength of the sovereignist project. Yes, the world could really change. The people of Quebec could afford to emerge from dormant talk to finally embrace the reality of their emancipation. Master in-house. champions in our country. That’s when I understood that a people’s will to emancipate can move mountains. That the power to unite around a national project, an inclusive project, brings hope because it ensures full control over the levers essential to our collective destiny.

Since the bitter defeat of 1995, betrayed promises to rebuild the Canadian order have only continued to erode Quebec’s power and prospects as a national community. Quebec has suffered from rejections for too long. It dwells on failure and acknowledges undeniable setbacks in terms of its political and economic autonomy, its linguistic vitality, and its control over the achievement of its environmental goals. Just to name a few.

A connecting project

As the saying goes, madness keeps doing the same thing and hoping for a different outcome. Please don’t accept the stupidity of repeating the same mistakes over and over again in the hope of reforms that will never reach Canada.

Quebec’s independence is more necessary than ever. It is high time that our people spoke with their own voice to the nations of the earth. It is high time that we finally engaged fully in making decisions about the challenges facing humanity without having to ask permission from this Canadian oil state whose interests still dominate ours.

Independence is essential because our language is losing ground at any moment and our submission to Canada is the cause. Because the people of Quebec are tired of having to justify their duly passed laws in the National Assembly to a foreign crown, which invalidates them at their ideological whims.

Over time, my work as an artist has allowed me to meet people from all over Quebec, French Canada and around the world. Hearing what others have to say about their origins, their history, their dreams, their values, and their national political aspirations has inspired me. Controlling the levers of government is essential for small nations to develop their collective wealth and nurture their cultures. Your sustainability is at stake.

I am running for the Parti Québécois in Rosemont because I firmly believe that independence is the only political option that can allow Quebecers to thrive in a great people who take full responsibility for themselves. I’m running because I’m fed up with the propaganda of fear and the idea that to be a sovereign is to be against the other, against difference, when it’s exactly the opposite. It is a unifying project that connects us with the desire to live together.

I proudly represent a major party that has shaped Quebec’s cultural, socio-economic and identity development. And we are his heirs. I am committed to continuing to follow the aspirations, dreams, beliefs and achievements of the people of my country.

Evolve over time

While we are celebrating the 100the anniversary of the birth of René Lévesque, the 32e François Legault, first minister in Quebec’s history, reaffirms his federalist allegiance and his “dependent” will. He is an “Abdiquist” before Canada who now goes so far as to assure us that the “coalition” he represents is even less sovereign than… Dominique Anglade’s Liberals!

In the current global turmoil; From the climate crisis to the deepening of social and economic inequalities, the decisive actions must be taken together. The only way to achieve it is to take responsibility and envision the greatest and most inspiring project for a nation: independence.

This project must remain alive and evolve over time at all costs in order to regain strength and remind Quebecers of all origins and affiliations that there is nothing more resistant on earth than a people’s will to be free.

At this crucial moment for our common future, it is our duty to remember and give impetus to the party founded by Mr Lévesque.

I am willing to work tirelessly and contribute to it with you and on behalf of all who will follow us. For the rest of the world.

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