Ontario | A new map of the federal riding is presented

(Ottawa) The commission responsible for redrawing Ontario’s federal electoral map is proposing a redesign to accommodate changes in residence.

Posted on 08/19

Sarah Richie
The Canadian Press

Under the proposal, Toronto and Northern Ontario would each lose one riding arena, with new riding arenas being created in eastern and northern Greater Toronto, central Ontario, and the Guelph and Brampton areas.

The constitution requires constituency boundaries to be reviewed after every decennial census, and new federal law requires each province to retain at least the number of MPs it had in 2019.

This change means Quebec will return to 78 MPs instead of the current 77 when the borders are redraw.

The new maps could be available at a parliamentary election in 2024 at the earliest.

The Federal Electoral Boundaries Commission for Ontario is considering the 2021 census data to try to address over-representation in some areas — like Toronto — and under-representation in others, including Durham, Dufferin and Caledon.

Population growth in the city of Toronto was lower than the rest of Ontario from 2011 to 2021. In addition, according to the commission, there are now differences in population density and the size of constituencies.

She also took into account the number of Aboriginal, Francophone, rural and urban communities to ensure representation in the House of Commons is not reduced.

In the north of the province, where growth has been modest over the past decade, the new map would create a constituency due to “extraordinary circumstances” to preserve a constituency in a remote area with a number of indigenous communities.

The constituency would cover more than 520,000 square kilometers, although the commission found larger constituencies exist elsewhere in the country.

The commission will now hold public hearings and seek comments on the proposed map of 122 equestrian centers.

Proposed maps have already been created in all other provinces where public feedback has begun. Territories that each have one seat will not see any change.

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