Nothing is going well for Justin Trudeau

Quebec’s legislative season has been intense. Chaotic return to school, health problems, PQ victory in Jean-Talon, decline in popularity of François Legault, return of the 3rde Link, bitter negotiations with the public sector and the presentation of the finances of an independent Quebec, which even forced François Legault to play the role of Captain Canada.

While our glasses are now focused on Quebec, there is also chaos in Ottawa for Justin Trudeau.

The results of the latest Léger survey, published on January 1stum last November are revealing: “Pierre Poilievre’s Conservatives continue to enjoy growing popularity, with 40% versus 26% for Trudeau.” That’s a huge gap.

Last year we talked about the passport crisis and Chinese interference. The situation was so bad that the Prime Minister decided to reshuffle his cabinet in the summer. The liberal team wanted to give itself new impetus and get back on its feet. We can tell that the spring was exhausted because they have difficulty catching their breath and the water begins to rise sharply.

The Liberals are counting on their goal

Unfortunately for the Liberal troops, the weeks pass and the Prime Minister cannot change things. Celebration of a Nazi soldier, diplomatic conflict with India, media crisis and the latest blunder in the race, this idea of ​​exempting citizens of the Maritimes from the carbon tax because they heat with oil.

No one will be fooled, Trudeau wanted to give a thumbs up to his Maritime voters who are turning their backs on him. Creating an improvised and incoherent policy aimed at exempting the Maritimes from the carbon tax creates a blatant injustice for Western Canadians who heat with natural gas. This is not true at the Canadian level and shows how much Justin Trudeau has lost his reflexes.

Will we witness the agony of gout?

In principle, Justin Trudeau could still have two years of government left before the next election. Since he was elected in the minority, his fate depends on his alliance with the NDP, which could well fail if the blunders continue. The same applies to Liberal MPs.

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