No Canadian could leave Gaza today | Middle East, the eternal conflict

According to Global Affairs Canada, none of the 266 Canadian citizens, permanent residents and their family members on the list of those approved to transit through Rafah were able to leave the Gaza Strip as of Friday.

The names of 266 Canadian citizens were added Friday to the list of foreign passport holders allowed to leave Gaza with their families.

This large Canadian contingent was scheduled to cross the Egyptian border early in the morning, but new closures at the Rafah border post made their evacuation difficult, according to CBC.

On Thursday, 32 people with ties to Canada were able to leave the Gaza Strip. A first group of 75 Canadian citizens traveled to Egypt on Tuesday.

Security concerns forced the closure of the Rafah border crossing on Wednesday.

In its latest update Thursday evening, Global Affairs Canada said 550 more people are still hoping to leave Gaza.

Canadian nationals who manage to leave Palestinian territory through the Rafah border crossing will be allowed to stay in Egypt for three days. The Canadian authorities are providing them with housing and basic needs during this time.

Daily humanitarian breaks

Israel agreed to do so humanitarian breaks Daily four-hour strikes in the Gaza Strip to allow civilians to relocate to safer areas. Interruptions will be announced three hours in advance.

It was the White House that announced this new development on Thursday. However, US President Joe Biden indicated that a ceasefire was not possible.

U.S. officials say the resumption of water and food supplies has not yet met Gaza’s huge demand for basic necessities, which is expected to deliver 150 trucks a day.

Canadian officials hope the lull in fighting will also allow more foreigners to leave and negotiate an eventual end to the months-long war.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has asked Israel to make the pause long enough to allow civilians to seek shelter and humanitarian aid to be delivered.

A situation that is getting worse and worse

For her part, Canadian Foreign Minister Mélanie Joly reiterated that the Gaza Strip has become the most difficult place to live on earth.

According to the Hamas Health Ministry, Israeli attacks have claimed more than 10,800 Palestinian lives. The latter claims that more than 2,300 more people will be buried under the rubble of completely destroyed parts of the city.

Israel has repeatedly indicated that it will continue its offensive in Palestinian territory until the Israeli hostages are released and Hamas is destroyed.

The Islamist group kidnapped 239 people in its attacks in Israel on Oct. 7, killing 1,200 Israelis, according to a revised report from Israel’s Foreign Ministry spokesman on Friday. For several days, the official report said instead that 1,400 Israelis had been killed.

When a country defends itself, as Israel is currently doing, it must respect humanitarian law. Everything must be done to protect the civilian population, said Ms. Joly. At this point, too many civilians have already lost their lives, too many children have died, too many women have died.

With information from The Canadian Press

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