New deadlines for the third trial of a man accused of assaulting his stepdaughter

His lawyer, Me Marie-Laurence Spain, petitioned the court on Friday to stop the occupation, citing health reasons and with the consent of the defendant, who may not be named to protect the identity of the alleged victim. Me Mélissa Plante, of the Department of Criminal Investigation and Prosecution, acknowledged her colleague’s serious motives and did not object to her removal from the case.

Judge Marc Ouimet of the Quebec Court therefore granted the motion. He then authorized Me Émilie Fallu of Legal Aid to take over again with the defendant’s consent.

I do not make this request lightly, stressed Me Spain. I will offer my full cooperation to Mr. Fallu and quickly send him everything I have on file. I would also like to mention that Mr. […] offered me his full collaboration in this file, he has nothing to reproach himself for, he has honored all his commitments and has always been present in court.

This reversal does not jeopardize the third trial, Justice Ouimet assured, but adds certain delays. The request for voir dire, which was to be heard for four days in the week of October 24, then the trial scheduled for December, cannot take place on the scheduled dates.

I’m putting the file where it is but I’m already in court in October and for December, it’s far too quick to read the whole file and defend Mr. […]. But I have no problem getting into the folder at this pointsaid Me Émilie Fallu in court.

The case is scheduled to be heard back in court on November 21. In the meantime, talks are ongoing with the coordinating judge of the Québec court to set new hearing dates.

In court since 2015

The 61-year-old man has been on trial since his arrest in 2015. He is accused of sexual acts committed on his beautiful daughter between 2008 and 2014 when she was between 6 and 12 years old.

His acquittal at a first trial in 2017 was overturned by the Court of Appeals, which ordered a second trial in 2019. due to health reasons pass judgment in 2021. A stay of proceedings alleging delays deemed unreasonable was denied by Judge Christian Leblanc this spring.

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