more than 500,000 homes without power in eastern Canada

She is there. Fiona, the hurricane-turned-posttropical storm, made landfall in the province of Nova Scotia in eastern Canada on Saturday, September 24 with winds exceeding 90 mph, the National Hurricane Center American (NHC) said.

Consequence: More than 500,000 households were without electricity on Saturday in the east of the country. The Canadian weather services have qualified warnings of this storm as multiplied“historical”which has already brought death and destruction to the Caribbean. “Significant impacts are expected due to strong winds, storm surges and heavy rainfall”according to the NHC.

“We have never experienced such conditions” Weather, police in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, tweeted. “It’s amazing, there is no electricity, no wifi, no network”the city’s mayor, Philip Brown, confirmed to public broadcaster Radio-Canada. “Many trees have fallen, there is a lot of flooding on the roads”he added.

“Where it is in the history books remains to be seen, but it will certainly be a historic and extreme event for eastern Canada.”Canadian meteorologist Bob Robichaud said at a news conference on Friday, calling Fiona a hurricane. “Main”.

Authorities in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia have asked everyone to stay indoors for at least 72 hours and pack enough supplies. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has asked everyone to do it “Take the right precautions”.

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