More beds for outpatient care in Trois-Rivières

The Point de Rue organization’s drop-in center will be back this year, but this time it will be able to support more people. Last year, nine beds were made available for homeless people. This year, 25 people can benefit from December 11th.

Another innovation: The drop-in center is now closer to downtown Trois-Rivières. It is the generosity of a merchant on Rue des Forges that allows Point de Rue to relocate these installations. The merchant, whose identity is not yet known, will make his premises available for the matter.

A priority for the organization was to move closer to the city center. Philippe Malchelosse, general director of the Point de Rue organization, also met with the merchants of Rue des Forges this summer to improve the atmosphere in the city center. These meetings led to the possibility of relocating the drop-in center.

A lot of tolerance and openness was required of the traders. At the moment we want to reduce the pressure in the city center, so we want to find premises a little closer to Boulevard des Forges.

Last September, Social Services Minister Lionel Carmant proposed an additional $15.5 million for emergency shelters.

The Point de Rue project is valued at $180,000, with more than 70% of the project funded by the provincial government. The other part of the project is financed by the CIUSSS MCQ.

For Philippe Malchelosse, the contact point is much more than just a place of refuge. The human aspect plays a crucial role in supporting such a service.

For him, the drop-in means caring about the people and taking the time to tell the people who are welcome at the drop-in about it. that they are important.

With information from Edouard Dubois

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