Martin St-Louis opens up about morning practice and the Jonathan Drouin affair

In transit, earlier early evening, on ether RDS at the fair 5 to 7the coach of canadas, Martin Saint LouisHe took the opportunity to talk about the season starting tomorrow night and to explain his state of mind at the start of the first official puck drop.

Despite a difficult pre-season, St-Louis was reassured by saying the players were all excited about the idea of ​​starting this new season.

Asked about his concern for the team’s young defensive brigade, which will consist of three defenders 22 years and underthe Habs driver said he is much more motivated than worried because he believes it will be a great challenge to launch his career.

As for the young hopefuls who will start the year in Montreal, St-Louis was clear, clean and precise; Even if it doesn’t work, no decision has yet been made about a possible return with the Laval Rocket.

Also questioned about the case Jonathan Drouin After taking place during practice earlier in the morning, the head coach, a little shakier, reconfirmed that the Quebecer would not officially attend the game against the Leafs, but that it was possible to see Friday in uniform against the Wings.

“Jonathan won’t play tomorrow. He might play on Friday. You watch this video and it’s like we don’t want to know about Jo, but that’s not true. We work very hard together. He missed 4-5 days, he was a little physically ill but he is close.I’m trying to work on his game but I didn’t have much time during the camp because there were a lot of players.In the next few days, I’ll prepare him for success , when he’s in the line-up. He’s arrived in very good shape and he’s got a great attitude. We’ll integrate him when the time is right!”

– Martin St-Louis, 5 to 7

Click to hear the entire segment HERE.

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