Martin St-Louis and Rod Brind’Amour, same fight!

Former players Martin St-Louis and now coach Rod Brind’Amour have one thing in common.

Renaud Lavoie opened up about the similar methods used by the two men in his column on Tuesday’s JiC show on TVA Sports (see video above).

Like his Montreal Canadiens counterpart, the Carolina Hurricanes head coach spends a lot of time with the reserves. While all other players had a day off on Tuesday, Brind’Amour decided to hop on the ice with the players who were dropped from the lineup the previous day the 1-0 loss in Game 3 of the Eastern Finals to the Florida Panthers.

“One thing is for sure, he wasn’t there as a tourist,” said Renaud Lavoie. There is a chance that Jesse Puljujarvi will be included in the line-up on Wednesday. It was Rod Brind’Amour himself who led practice with the four players on the ice. He told them what to do. Could he have taken care of anything other than four guys who may not play anymore? Yes, but he was still on the ice.

This commitment impresses the TVA Sports reporter.

“When I watched practice today, I thought, ‘Wow, how is it possible for a head coach who’s in the third round and 3-0 down to take the time to work with his reserves?’ “ Hats off to Brind’Amour! This is how you earn the respect of your players.”

Additionally, Renaud Lavoie believes Brind’Amour would do well to add Puljujarvi to Wednesday’s line-up when the Hurricanes are already on the verge of elimination.

“I don’t want to denounce anyone on the Hurricanes, but there are a few passengers. Even if there is only one, it’s one too many, so you can play Puljujarvi and assign it a specific role.

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