Manitoba should better protect personal medical records, the report suggests

Manitoba’s auditor general, Tyson Shtykalo, concluded after an audit report that the province needs to better protect patients’ personal health information from internal misuse and external attacks.

For example, according to the report, Shared Health Manitoba, which coordinates provincial health care, does not adhere to its own login and password requirements or those of the province. It’s very worryingstresses the general director of the organization Les users de la santé du Québec, Pierre Blain.

Confidentiality is pretty much the foundation of all healthcare systems and it is with this foundation of confidentiality assurance that patients can ensure they are being treated properly. »

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Pierre Blain, executive director of the Health Users of Quebec organization

In his report, Tyson Shtykalo looked at system administrators and others who have extensive access to systems containing personal, corporate and health information.

The audit found that some Common Care workers still had access to the information even after they left work.

One of the solutions proposed by Pierre Blain lies in the accessibility of medical records by the patient himself.

Patients need access to their records to ensure that those they are consulting are really the authorized peopleargues Mr Blain.

The latter also recalls that this approach is being developed across the country. Mr Blain explains that such access will allow the patient to know for themselves, based on their medical history, who viewed the information in their file and for what reason.

The executive director of the organization Les Users de la Santé du Québec believes that the protection of patients’ personal medical information should be regulated by law. It must be well framed. […] This is an extremely important element, this legislationPierre Blain insists.

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