Manitoba: 9-year-old girl dies while playing hide-and-seek

A 9-year-old Manitoba girl who was playing hide-and-seek with classmates during physical education class at school is believed to have tragically died last Monday when she allegedly hid in a storage room.

“Iberville staff did everything they could to provide first aid, support and incident command while assistance was dispatched,” Terry Osiowy, superintendent and CEO of the Prairie School Division, said on “CTV News” Thursday.

Last week, the 9-year-old decided to hide in a storage room while playing hide-and-seek with her classmates during a physical education class at Colonie d’Iberville Elementary School, the school principal told English media.

A stack of tables leaning against the wall fell on him, causing a fatal blunt force injury.

“The ambulances [et] The local firefighters quickly intervened. The rescue helicopter […] was dispatched and arrived on site within 20 minutes. However, despite the best efforts of all those involved, the student succumbed to his injuries,” he complained in writing.

An investigation has been launched, but there is no suspicion of foul play in this sad accident, Corporal Julie Courchaine of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Manitoba indicated, according to CTV News.

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