Luna 25, the Russian probe, embarks on a strategic flight in the race to conquer space

With Luna 25, Russia begins something of an exit or double step, either rejoining the space race or starting from scratch. However, Russia had started in full force, as the USSR was the first country to send a satellite, Sputnik, around the Earth in 1957, then a cosmonaut, the famous Gagarin, and finally a woman.

But since the Apollo program, the manned flight to the moon, the US has surpassed it. And it must be said that Russian technology has changed little since Soviet times, as Emmanuel Jehin explains: “The Americans still have a big lead. The technology, especially NASA’s, is much more advanced than the technologies used by the Russians, which date back to the Soviet era. Because of this, the Russians also stopped sending a very important space mission and are trying to restore their image.“.

They have many technical problems, probes have crashedhe continues. There were significant corruption problems at the level of the Russian space agency Roskosmos. And the war in Ukraine did not help their business, since they have almost no cooperation with the West at the level of technology exchange. And so the Russians will fly to the moon with their own technologies.

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