Logan Mailloux meets Gary Bettman after the playoffs

LAS VEGAS | Even though Logan Mailloux has signed a contract with the Montreal Canadiens, he has to get Gary Bettman’s absolution before he can don the blue, white and red jersey.

This is what the commissioner of the NHL said himself during his traditional press conference before the first game of the finals, indicating that the meeting would take place at the end of the playoffs.

The tall defender, who played for the London Knights this season, is grappling with the history of sexual misconduct that has tainted him and led to his court appearance in Sweden in autumn 2020.

A few months later, the Canadiens picked him in the first round, 31st, despite Mailloux having made it clear he did not want to be draftede of the 2021 draft.

A choice that had brought several critics to the Habs and Marc Bergevin, their general manager.

Since then, Mailloux has agreed to therapy. He has also completed programs for athletes to teach them concepts such as respect, mental health and ethics in sport, sports media, diversity and inclusion, sports psychology and cultural awareness.

He signed his contract with the Canadiens on October 5.

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