LaRochelle. A taste trip to Canada (and Quebec) in the middle of Foire Expo

LaRochelle. A taste trip to Canada (and Quebec) in the middle of Foire Expo

By Corentin Cousin
Published on August 31, 2022 at 5:30 p.m

For several years, the Foire Expo de La Rochelle has hosted an atypical stand: La Cabane à Mario. A booth with products from Canada and Quebec only. A culinary journey peppered with good humor across the Atlantic.

The article is accompanied by a video report.

La Cabane à Mario invites you to discover Canada and Quebec at the La Rochelle Expo Fair. (© Corentin Cousin).

That Fair Expo from La Rochelle, It is known for its large stalls with RVs or other cars, as well as for its festivities. But it is also an opportunity to discover atypical products. And that’s at Mario’s hut.

A marquee offering only products from Canada and Quebec.

No premiere

100% Canadian and Quebecer, La Cabane à Mario has become a staple at La Rochelle Expo Fair.

Personally, this is my second time coming here to La Rochelle. As for La Cabane à Mario, it has been taking part in the Foire Expo for 4 or 5 years. Daniel Beaulieu. Mario’s hut.

A way for visitors to travel across the Atlantic to our neighbors in Quebec. All while staying in the port city.

“It costs less than a plane ticket (laughs). We are all 100% Quebecers. It is our pleasure to introduce these products in conversation? We are ambassadors for maple products, but also for an entire country.”

See the report.

The tradition of taste

Traditional maple syrup, small shortbread also with maple cream, but also beers and local spirits for the vaunted part. But this year a novelty in 2022. A catering area.

We offer poutine. The famous of Quebec. So nothing to do with the President! (Laugh). Those are fries with cheddar cheese curd that crunch between your teeth. We put a hot meat sauce on top to soak everything. We also offer bison stew with a bison terrine for starters and pancakes for dessert.”

So you’re about a dozen purebred Quebecers who crossed the Atlantic and ended up in La Rochelle. A real joy for them, especially since the two countries have a common history.

There is a story that connects us. There are streets in La Rochelle that are paved with local stones. We have a love story for a long time. And these two cities are both by the sea and share the coast”.

La Cabane à Mario is therefore a small corner of Canada and Quebec in the middle of the La Rochelle Expo Fair. A discovery that combines taste with good humor, which characterizes these Quebecers. Now all you have to do is let yourself be seduced.

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