Kyle Beach case: Andrew Shaw blames the victim

Former Montreal Canadiens Andrew Shaw responded by throwing a dart at Kyle Beach, who was allegedly sexually assaulted by the Chicago Blackhawks video coach in 2010.

During The Raw Knuckles Podcast, hosted by former CH star Chris Nilan, Shaw revisited the affair that notably led to the firing of general manager Stan Bowman and head coach Joel Quenneville.

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Shaw was drafted in the fifth round by the Hawks in 2011 and was not on the team at the time of the alleged incident, but that did not prevent him from commenting on the circumstances of the incident. In his view, Beach put himself in an awkward position before he was allegedly attacked by Brad Aldrich.

“I have nothing negative to say about Kyle, but it’s a shame that a situation like this has gotten to the point of being nipped in the bud, for the first time by whoever announced his retirement in April 2021.”

“As a 20-year-old, I would never have put myself in a situation like this. I don’t know what was going through Kyle’s mind, but he put himself in a bad position.

“My thumb would have pierced his eyes”

Shaw said he was frustrated that Quenneville, “the greatest coach in history,” was unemployed. He also said that no player on the team was briefed on the situation prior to training camp after the 2010 playoffs.

“It’s a staffing issue affecting senior management,” he continued. It had nothing to do with the players, the coaching staff, or the general manager.

Like Shaw, Nilan was known for his toughness in the National Hockey League. According to the 65-year-old, Beach should have just physically attacked his attacker.

“Just like you, I would never have gotten into that situation,” Nilan estimated. But if that had been the case, I would have buried his eyes in the back of his head.

“My thumbs would have pierced his eyes,” Shaw added.

Let’s remember the facts: The Blackhawks had to pay Beach $2 million for their risky management of the record. Ex-defender Brent Sopel also claimed that almost the entire team knew about the allegations.

After the Illinois team’s inaction, Aldrich suffered another casualty in 2013, this time at a high school.

Because of his tenacity and the two Stanley Cups he won with the Hawks, Shaw was a crowd favorite in Chicago. However, his human qualities were never unanimous. For example, in 2016 he was fined by the Bettman Board for making homophobic comments during a playoff game.

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