Israel and Hamas at war | “We must always advocate for a ceasefire,” says Mélanie Joly

(Ottawa) Canada sees the White House’s message of a four-hour humanitarian pause in the Middle East as a “good start” and says everyone must work toward what would lead to a ceasefire.

“We are all in favor of the fact that one day there must be a ceasefire,” Canadian Foreign Minister Mélanie Joly said on Thursday.

In a virtual press conference following her recent meeting with her G7 counterparts in Japan, she reiterated that Canada and its partners are calling for a “humanitarian ceasefire that is immediate, lasting and will be supported.”

“We must ensure that the conditions leading to a ceasefire are met,” she continued.

She also called the U.S. government’s information about Joe Biden “good news,” but also reiterated that she “always said there needs to be more humanitarian breaks.”

More specifically, according to Washington, a four-hour break would be introduced every day in the northern Gaza Strip.

“I think it’s a good start. Ultimately the parties reached an agreement. […] “It will allow for a kind of detente and hopefully more negotiations at the table,” she argued, referring to the discussions in which Qatar plays a mediating role.

From Longueuil, Quebec, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reiterated that he believes the “humanitarian pauses” required by Ottawa must be “significant.”

In addition to an announcement on housing, he was also invited to comment on the development reported by the White House.

Mr. Trudeau said the breaks “need to last long enough to get people out and allow supplies to flow in.”

Both Mr. Trudeau and MrMe Joly mentioned Canada’s support for a two-state solution.

“We must use (the humanitarian pauses) to think about what the medium and long-term future will look like and how we will have a viable Palestinian state alongside the Israeli state,” the prime minister concluded. He insisted on protecting citizens on both sides.

French President Emmanuel Macron declared that “all lives are equal” at the International Humanitarian Conference for the Civilian Population of Gaza, held in Paris.

“In the immediate future we must work to protect civilians. For this we need a very quick humanitarian pause and work towards a ceasefire,” he said.

Minister Joly assured that Canada has the same position as France and the other G7 countries, pointing out that Mr. Macron initially continues to talk about a ceasefire.

According to the Ministry of Health in the Hamas-controlled area, more than 10,800 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza since the Hamas attack a month ago, including more than 4,400 children.

And more than 1,400 people have died in Israel since the war began, most of them civilians killed by Hamas militants during their invasion.

With information from Associated Press

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