Investment was needed in Drummondville for a new hospital

While a project to expand Montreal’s Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital will see the light of day, investment in a new hospital in Drummondville is still expected.

The Sainte-Croix hospital, which is much more outdated and older than the Maisonneuve-Rosemont hospital, has reached a worrying state of obsolescence […]. The various administrative procedures before an official announcement must be acceleratedDrummondville Mayor Stéphanie Lacoste announced in a press release.

The mayor is calling for a new hospital to be built because of the great health needs in Drummondville. The Sainte-Croix hospital, built in 1947, is dilapidated and has not been adapted to current needs for years.

The problem is that the hospital hasn’t grown as quickly as the city and the population is aging like everywhere else. Therefore, the needs of the population are becoming ever greaterexplains the deputy medical director of the emergency room of the Sainte-Croix hospital, Dr. Caroline Moreau.

Lack of space

Caroline Moreau explains that the lack of space causes difficulties for patients. Over the years we have expanded internally, but this is no longer possible. There is no longer enough space to treat patients. The rooms are small. In the emergency room, patients are piled on top of each other, separated by curtains. There is no room for armchairs to sit on, they have to lie on a stretcher.

Hospital employees also need more space. There is little space for workers. We work standing up, on counter pieces, we can no longer accommodate additional learners to train the next generation as we no longer have enough physical locations to be able to install themlaments the deputy medical director of the emergency room of the Sainte-Croix hospital.

We need a new hospital to adequately serve the needs of the Drummondville population.

The expected visit from Christian Dubé

The Minister of Health Christian Dubé was scheduled to visit the Sainte-Croix hospital in spring 2023. Mr. Dubé didn’t come to visit, explains Caroline Moreau. I think if he visited the hospital he would be able to identify the problem himself.

A petition started by the public has collected more than 10,000 names to build a new facility. We hope that Drummondville will be among the Government’s priorities, particularly as this was one of its commitments at the last election.remembers the deputy chief physician of the emergency room.

I welcome the Minister’s desire to invest in health infrastructure [à l’hôpital de Maisonneuve-Rosemont]. It’s positive! On behalf of the 10,000 citizens who signed the relevant petition, I would like to take this opportunity to recall that Drummondville and Center-du-Québec also have urgent needs and that we are proactively committed to making such a project a reality facilitate our territoryadded the mayor of Drummondville, no press release yet.

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