Indigenous Communities | Google Canada is investing $2.7 million in digital training

(Toronto) Google Canada will provide $2.7 million in grants to help Indigenous communities prepare for technical jobs and conduct digital media literacy training focused on supporting underrepresented communities.

Posted on October 3rd

The U.S. tech giant said more than $1.3 million will be donated to Winnipeg-based training and career development charity ComIT to help bridge the skills and education gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples and guide Indigenous workers to new ones Prepare for careers in technology.

The money will be spent on ComIT’s Recoding Futures program, which teaches indigenous communities topics such as design thinking and programming languages ​​and software including HTML, CSS and Javascript. NET, Python, React and Node.

Google will also award $670,000 to Actua, an Ottawa-based science, technology, engineering and mathematics organization, to expand a program that teaches young people from vulnerable groups how to stay safe online and recognize misinformation.

Actua’s program aims to educate young people in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. It targets disadvantaged communities and groups that are underrepresented, including Indigenous youth, girls and young women, youth at risk and youth living in northern and remote communities.

An additional $670,000 will be donated to Ottawa-based digital education organization MediaSmarts to develop an educational program to help underrepresented communities learn critical thinking in the use, creation and consumption of online content.

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