In the Accueil d’Amos, the emergency shelter receives a reprieve

The emergency shelter disruption announced last Friday by Accueil d’Amos has been postponed.

Due to staff shortages, the organization planned to offer its emergency shelter service only every two weeks from November 16th. However, an agreement reached on Monday with the Integrated Health and Social Services Center of Abitibi-Témiscamingue (CISSS-AT) makes it possible to avoid this service interruption.

In order to maintain services safely, two more employees from a placement agency will join the night guard team in the coming days.

It was a minute before midnight at the reception. Although the measures taken allow us to avoid the announced interruption of services, we must note that this is a temporary solution as it involves significant additional costs.

An agreement was made with the CISSS-AT to cover the costs. Therefore, if no action is taken, there is a risk that we may again announce a discontinuation of the Services at the end of this Agreementadds Ms. Bergeron in a press release.

A still precarious situation

Despite hiring these two temporary workers, there is still a shortfall of five workers that Accueil d’Amos, an alternative mental health, homelessness and addiction resource, needs to operate.

The situation therefore remains precarious and the organization ensures that it continues its efforts with the affected elected officials, the Department of Health and Human Services and the CISSS-AT to find a longer-term solution.

However, we warn that emergency food service to surrounding communities remains impacted as of November 30th.

(In collaboration with Lise Millette and Martin Guindon)

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